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Spooky Haunted House Setup for Gabby's Dollhouse Toys Story

For this Gabby's Dollhouse Halloween video, I wanted to try and find the balance between a dark spooky setting, but also bright and lite up enough to be viewable. I used a Harry Potter Hogwarts toy for the exterior clips of Gabby and her Gabby Cats looking at the haunted house and entering/exiting. I tried to accent the lightning blasts by keeping the surrounding lights dark, except when trying to highlight the characters. The interior was filmed inside a Monster High Dollhouse and was the absolute perfect background and setup for the inside of a haunted house. I pushed the lighting (and editing filters in post) to be brighter to balance out the exterior shots. This was a super funny spooky Gabby's Dollhouse pretend toy play video to create and I hope it makes people smile :)

Happy Halloween!

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