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Updated: Jul 28, 2022

Telling a story with music and symbolism in a Kids' Youtube Video

There are so many lessons that I learned from all aspects of the creation of the video, “DJ Catnip’s Groovy New Room & Concert,” but the one that sticks out the most is the importance of music and the visual story-telling aspects. Of course, all of my videos have the intention of telling a story using music and toy scenes, but it was within this one that I really played around with trying to use the music to elicit emotional responses. Finding the appropriate music for the opening proved to be more time consuming than I had originally thought. I had several songs in line to provide support to the storyline that DJ Catnip was saddened to learned that his previous music room toy is completely sold-out. Many of these songs just ended up sounding too sad for the beginning of a children’s video. The search was one for that one particular song that could possibly express sadness without sending the viewer too far into an emotional pit of despair. I ended up going with “Can I Be Forgiven” by Sleepaway Camp.

This ended up sounding perfect with the quick bump into Kitty Fairy’s (now new) theme, “Fairy Lights” by The Waiting World. For the opening of the concert ticket booth and merch shop scene, I picked the incredibly fun big band “The Very Best Day” by Niklas Gabrielsson. For the Merch Shop, I made a conscious decision to create products that could be easily identified and explained without the price tag/labels,etc. Bright colors were picked to match with DJ Catnip’s signature coloring and blended with our channel’s brand colors to produce the feeling of big theater and venue excitement-with the song “One More For the Road” by Golden Age Radio- right before the break into the concert section.

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